Few things to know about APPCO Group

APPCO Group is a company that is engaged in direct selling or face to face selling of intangible products to the customers. APPCO group is operating in the industry for 23 years already. It started in Australia that has expanded in south East Asia, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Philippines. In the Philippines, the APPCO has been operating for two years and is growing fast due to the demand of their clients for there is good return of investment. The clients of APPCO Group are non-government agencies, telecommunication companies, international banks and insurance companies.


The recruitment process of APPCO Group is different from any other companies because there is an interaction with their good sales agents for you to know more about the company and to show what exactly your job will be. Other than that, the recruitment structure is similar to a pyramiding scheme. Pyramid schemes are illegal scams in which large numbers of people at the bottom of the pyramid pay money to a few people at the top. The one recruiting you are the people who have already been promoted as a team leader. The team leaders are given the chance to build their teams. Eventually, each member of the team will be given the chance to build their own teams also if promoted. You may not be actually paying the people on top a lump sum of money but they do get a percentage of what you have earned for the week. Hence, it really is similar to pyramiding scheme.

100% Performance Based Salary

Performance based salary is also called commission based salary. For you to earn in the company you have to work for it, that is by enticing customers to sign up for their cause or accounts. Every week (including weekends) you get your salary depending on the number of customers you get to sign up for the cause or accounts (in the company they call it application). Hence, if you get a zero number of customers to sign up for your application then you will definitely not get paid. Nonetheless, if you get more than 10 customers to sign up per week-if you are a neophyte- you will earn more than the minimum wage paid to any worker.

Huge Amount of Incentives

Basically APPCO Group is meritocratic. When you do well in your job by a maximum number of applications, APPCO will give you a bonus or a travelling opportunity. Of course, not only you will benefit but including your team leader who have trained you to become a good sales agent.


The company has a good training facility and curriculum for the sales management trainees. They will train you to speak well, product selling and dealing to customers including rejection. There are role playing games and team work activities. They will also teach you not to “over-analyze”. This means that you should remember that the business is just simple: know how to sell and recruit, teach your trainees to train and recruit. They do not want you to complicate the business by thinking too much about the company because it will hinder yourself to succeed in the business. Further, they inculcate in the minds of the neophytes that for you to become successful in this business, you should talk to the right people- the people from the management per se. It is not healthy, according to them to talk with the people of your same level because you will not succeed.

Employee Mindset

You are not considered an employee by the company because according to them what you do is your own business. You will not get a long term benefit from the company like a health or life insurance.


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